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All our products are natural

Mabioma export sarl is a Moroccan company founded in 201O specialized in trading and exporting of organic argane oil cosmetic and culinary ;organic Prickly pear seed oil cosmetic ,negilla seed oil ; organic safran and organic hony


  • Fairness and honesty in all relationships we develop with customers and suppliers.
  • The long-term relationship with and the profitability of our customers and partners.
  • Our commitments.
  • An atmosphere of trust that supports internal and external cooperation..
  • The quality of our products and their compliance with the highest standards in the world.
  • Innovation of our practices and products and the efficiency of our operations.

We're buying directly from reliable suppliers (Producers, co-operatives of farmers) ,processing our products, and reselling to worldwide Markets.
Our gool good quality ;best price with good shipping to all over the world